Sunday, October 30, 2011

China Glaze- It's Alive!

I knew I had to make this polish mine when I saw the picture, but I don't know why I waited so long. I went 5 days before Halloween, and had to run all over town before I found it,...and the 4 pack I was hoping to get it in, yeah right, long gone! You snooze,you lose! I learned my lesson... Anyway...I obviously found it!! This has easily become one of my favorites of all time. I know I went a little overboard on the pictures, but wow:)
This is a murky green jelly base, loaded with small and med swampy green glitter. I used 2 coats and its perfect! If you are botherd by glitter's rough texture; you will need to load up top coat, this sucks it right up!
I dont mind unles it catches on my clothes, so 2 coats of Seche Vite and I wasa happy as a clam.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sally Hansen- Pumpkin Spice

Happy Halloween Weekend!!! I wanted to make sure I got in some Halloween themed polishes, so to start I chose Pumpkin Spice. This jumped out at me because there are two polishes on my wish list that I was hoping this would come close to filling my need for, CG Fortune Teller and CG Ick-a-body. This is neither of those. Don't get me wrong I love the final result, but it took some doctoring up! When I started applying the first coat I couldn't get over how sheer it was. I tried a second coat on one finger and realized I'd better put this over something else.
So.... this is 2 coats Pumpkin Spice over Sinful Colors black. Even though it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I really like the way it came out. I am thinking of trying it over some other colors too like a rust or chocolate maybe? Or mossy green?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

OPI- The Muppets are coming!!! Correction, they are heeerrreee!!!!

Is anyone as excited as I am about the release of the new Muppets Collection from OPI? I first saw this when pictures came out after the Cosmoprof show this past summer. I have been patiently waiting for the polishes to arrive on the shelves! Well, its about that time so I figured I better show you what you can expect!

Sending “Warm & Fozzie” Wishes from OPI!
OPI Celebrates Disney’s “The Muppets” with Holiday Lacquers Inspired by Walt Disney Pictures’ New Film
This holiday season, OPI pays homage to America’s favorite Muppet friends as they hit the big screen in Disney’s The Muppets. With an all-star cast including Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Kermit, Miss Piggy and the entire Muppet crew, the family comedy opens in theaters nationwide on November 23, 2011.
Inspired by the film’s namesake lively and colorful characters, OPI launches twelve limited-edition Nail Lacquers for Holiday 2011. “OPI is so excited to work with Disney to celebrate this long-awaited movie release,” said Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Not only do The Muppets characters inspire fun, bright and joyful colors, the fashionable Miss Piggy lends her name to three high-shine pink-based hues, ranging from bold red flecked with silver to a multi-dimensional strawberry shade.”
This line features six shimmery reds and neutrals, as well as six glitter-packed.
Lacquer packed with micas and sparkle gives a 3-dimensional textured look that makes nails look like jewelry. With shades ranging from textured glitters in rainbow, red, green and blue to softer shimmers in copper and bronze metallic hues, these twelve colors provide the perfect accessory for the holiday season.
As with all OPI nail lacquers, these shades inspired by Disney’s The Muppets contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application.
This limited edition promotion will be available beginning November 2011 at Professional Salons and Spas for $10.95 CAN suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.
For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

This wild bright red cannot be tamed!

Missing out on this fuchsia would make you weep, weep, weep!

Wocka Wocka!
The popular deep berry makes everything fun and merry!

Pepe's Purple Passion
This deep, decent shade is the best purple ever, okay!

Designer, de better!
And this light metallic bronze is ready for the runway.

Warm & Fozzie
A feel-good shade of metallic copper.
Rainbow Connection
The rainbow glitter of your dreams.

Excuse Moi!
Ahem! This pink glitter has something to say!

Gone Gonzo!
The aqua blue glitter is taking over the world!

Fresh Frog of Bel Air
A glitter that prefers the greener things in life.

Divine Swine
The finest most fabulous magenta glitter ever.

Gettin' Miss Piggy with it!
Red glittery fun for everyone.

And just in case you’re interested in the movie, here’s what the press release had to say about it:
On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raze the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets’ former stomping grounds. To stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate. With secret, signature, celebrity cameos, Disney’s “The Muppets” hits the big screen Nov. 23, 2011.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OPI- Nicki Minaj Collection Preview

There is going to be a Nicki Minaj collection released in January. OPI posted this on their facebook with some new information on the colors it will contain:

"Despite what you've seen online, we wanted to make sure you got accurate information from us. The Nicki Minaj collection consists of a deep shimmering purple Shatter called "Super Bass" and these five Nicki-inspired colors: "Metallic 4 Life", "Save Me", "Fly", "Did It On 'Em" and the bubble gum hue "Pink Friday".

As soon as I get any more information, I will let you know!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Rhinestone Rocker

Well this is the final color from IGTDB. Rhinestone Rocker is a fun polish, I'm not sure I can see how it really relates to jeans, but whatever!
This is a really dark blue/black. In the bottle the shimmer shows up light blue, silver, and pink. On the nail, it really doesn't translate. I tried to see the blue and pink in several different lighting's, but really subtle silver was all that you could really see. It covered really well, was opaque in 2 coat's and wore well too, especially for such a dark color. For not having much shimmer/glitter, it didn't dry very smooth, i needed a topcoat to give it some shine and smooth it out. I don't dislike this polish but with the other choices you have for sparkly blacks, this isn't at the top of my list.
I have cuticle oil all over my hands in this pic! I spent the morning moving boxes and abused my hands a little, so I'm trying to do some recovery:/
This collection is available only at Ulta stores, for $9.95. I didnt find it with the other polishes so you may have to ask where they have it displayed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ulta I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Soho Skinny

Another Friday, yay! I can't believe how fast the weeks have been flying by, I am so excited for the weekend, but I know it will be Monday before I'm ready! I guess I cant worry about that though!

Here is the fourth polish in the IGTDB collection; Soho Skinny. I wore this the other day shopping with mom, and in the car I saw my hand on my lap and realized this actually is the exact color of the jeans I had on! To describe it I guess I would say its a dark cerulean blue cream, with a very subtle shimmer to it. I used two coats; and if it looks a little messy I finished up about 5 minuted before hauling a 2 year old and a ton of stuff to the car. I smudged some of my fingers and did my quick fix of using polish remover on a q-tip to smooth the smudge, then polishing over the patch, allowing that to dry and then another coat. Its not perfect but it worked for the time:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Denim Glitz

Ok, back to I Got the Denim Blues! Today's color is Denim Glitz. When I saw this collection for the first time I knew this would be my favorite. I always try to branch out and embrace all the colors, but its no use, I come back to my blue!

Denim Glitz is a rich royal blue, I wanna say holo micro glitter? It has a flash of pink in bright light and is very similar to an OPI DS I had put on my toes at my last pedi. (If I remember the name, I'll update this!)
I used 3 coats to give it some depth, but it covered after 2. I know my application here leaves something to be desired, I put on the final coat at my desk right before work. Time before Precision!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nicole by OPI, Holiday Glitters!

Hi, guys! I know I didn't post my next denim today, sorry! It will be here tomorrow! I've been a little busy the last few days and didn't have time to get my pictures up. I have seen a few collections though that I have to post. The holiday polishes should be hitting the shelves soon and I'm getting really excited! The one I have today is a set from Nicole by OPI, of  four glitters! I've posted the link to the site below. As soon as I spot these baby's I'll get you some swatches!
Scheduling Your Sparkle

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Grey Couture

When I got this collection, this was the first one I put on. I hadnt worn silver in a while, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It is terrible! Its a horrible streaky mess! The fist coat I was fine, it didnt cover but most dont. Then I got on coat 2 and realized the what a disaster it was. I immediately grabbed the camera before it even finished drying snapped a few pics and went to work with the polish remover! I know I didnt get a very good variety of angles or shots but I couldnt stand it any more, sorry:/

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Faded Blues

Hi, everybody, ready for another week to begin? Me either!!!
This week I am exited though, to review Ultas new nail polish collection, I Got the Denim Blues. This blue jean thing is everywhere, Chanel, Dior, Nubar, and now Ulta. I'm not ashamed to say, this is the least expensive of the bunch, lol! The other collections each have 3 polishes a light, med and dark denim color. This collection on the other hand, has 5. I'll show one every day this week starting with Faded Blues.
Faded Blues is the light denim color of the group. If you think of the robins egg blue that was popular this year and make it a little dusty looking with a little shimmer, you've got Faded Blues. I didn't think I'd like the shimmer in it, but it works, its not to frosty and not at all streaky. I thought I would want to swatch this and take it off until spring or so, but I'm really liking it. It is dusty enough to work for me this fall. This is 3 thin coats with Seche Vite over the top.
I wish I could get my nails to stop peeling, I'm doing everything i can think of! I thought if I kept them polished and filed they would stop, but every so often a big chip flakes off, and makes me crazy! Colors like this really accentuate the issue! Maybe I'll have to stick to glitters until they are all better. That can be my excuse to rock glitter every day, hehehe:-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

OPI- God Save the Queen's Nails

This looks so pretty in the bottle! I want to love it, I really do, I just don't:-( If it were a pillow, or rug or even dress, I would really like it, but on my nails, I keep thinking "old lady's would love this". Its a warm burgundy shimmer that has a perfect formula. I used two coats plus Seche Vite, that added a little extra shine. I really hate saying I don't like something; and it doesn't happen often, because if I don't like it, I don't buy it. But you know how sometimes looks can be deceiving right? Well here it is... there's nothing 'wrong' with it. I just don't want to wear it... 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orly- Jungle Love

I bet some of you have probably never seen these Orly bottles! That is how long I've had this polish! I'm guessing maybe 1997. This color was not common at that time. I always loved it, probably because I was into the 'new-hippie-grunge' thing at the time. We all had phases, lol:-)
Anyways Jungle Love applies pretty sheer. I used 3 coats and in bright light I could still see lighter patches in some spots. Because its old it has the 'bad for you' formula that they all used to, and I almost forgot how stinky they were! I really like this color but it is not the most flattering on my skin. For some reason it makes me look almost grey, not a good look! If my tan still existed, it might look ok, so I'll probably hold off on wearing this again until next summer.

If you notice on my pointer finger there's an ugly smudge. That's happened 4 hours after painting!I have probably mentioned my issues with Orly drying time, well here is a perfect example!
I apologize for posting a color that isn't available anymore. There might be a similar color out there if you look!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sinful Colors- Last Chance

Hi guys, well its Wednesday, weeks half over, and weekend is in sight! Work has been hectic for me lately, lots of changes and moving. I was comfortable in my little cube and today I have to move:-( Oh well, adapt right!
Anyways...I'm very excited for today's polish! It is Last Chance from Sinful Colors. I don't know if this is a regular color or special collection, but if I see it again, I'm getting a backup! I fell in love with this color the minute I got it on. Its the perfect dark green, it always looks green, never black, even in low light. In bright light it is a rich dark forest color, and the shine is unbelievable! I annoyed my husband a few times, putting my hands in his face and squealing "have you ever seen my fingers so shiny, really honey look"! 
This is 2 coats, and it covered beautifully. I took these pictures before I put on topcoat too! I did put it on after to protect it and it lasted like 4 days, which I think is pretty good for a dark creme.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sephora by OPI- Studs and Stillettos & Wet-n-Wild The Gold and the Beautiful

I had this really 'good' idea that turned out to be not so good. I thought, "lets do a gold glitter gradient over the top of a rich brown, that would be so pretty for fall"! Well in my head, it looked very different than what I ended up with.
I really liked Studs and Stilettos, it looked like a chocolate bar on my fingers. It covered nicely and almost had a cool brown tone. I don't use Sephora by OPI often because, for some reason they are more expensive then regular OPI, rarely go on sale, and do not have as good of color selection. I am really happy with this polish though, so maybe I'll try some more!

Then I went ahead and wrecked it! I don't really know why I say that because I got a ton of compliments on it; I think maybe I didn't like it because it wasn't what I expected it to look like? Well, I've had good luck with gradients in the past using Sinful Colors glitters either alone or over a base color. This glitter did not want to do that.
Wet-n-Wilds The Gold and the Beautiful is really sheer on its own but when I used it over SnS, it wanted to hide it, and be the star! The tips did end up more concentrated, but back near the cuticle, very little brown showed. The other thing that might have been an issue is SnS is a cool brown with subtle silver shimmer, and TGatB is a very warm almost bronze gold. It isn't terrible but even with no wear, I had to take it off in 2 days. Am I being crazy? Whats your opinion?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Orly- Birds of a Feather Collection- Fowl Play

Happy Monday Guys:-) I hope you all had a nice weekend. I spent mine out in the Finger Lakes with my family doing some wine tasting at the vinyards out there. We lucked out and had beautiful weather, up around 80 and sunny! It was the perfect break from the last few weeks at work.
Anyways... today I have Fowl Play, the only one that I initially grabbed from the Birds of a Feather Collection. I have since kicked myself, gone back and picked up Night Owl and Lucky Duck, but I haven't had a chance to swatch them yet! Night Owl is awesome, I've heard its very similar if not a dupe for OPI's Merry Midnight, but since I dont have that one and it's really hard to find, you'll have to take my word for it! Either way this is a gorgeous, redish purple jelly packed with glitter and flakies, that show up mostly orange with a flash of blue. Its so pretty! It took me three thin coats so thet my tips didnt look lighter but it dried surprisingly well, especially for an Orly polish! I usually have problems with the drying time but I used Seche-Vite this time and didnt have any issues. I must say, why dosent eveyone have a cap like this? They are a dream to use!
Well It's back to another work week, and I'm off to bed early tonight!