Monday, October 24, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Rhinestone Rocker

Well this is the final color from IGTDB. Rhinestone Rocker is a fun polish, I'm not sure I can see how it really relates to jeans, but whatever!
This is a really dark blue/black. In the bottle the shimmer shows up light blue, silver, and pink. On the nail, it really doesn't translate. I tried to see the blue and pink in several different lighting's, but really subtle silver was all that you could really see. It covered really well, was opaque in 2 coat's and wore well too, especially for such a dark color. For not having much shimmer/glitter, it didn't dry very smooth, i needed a topcoat to give it some shine and smooth it out. I don't dislike this polish but with the other choices you have for sparkly blacks, this isn't at the top of my list.
I have cuticle oil all over my hands in this pic! I spent the morning moving boxes and abused my hands a little, so I'm trying to do some recovery:/
This collection is available only at Ulta stores, for $9.95. I didnt find it with the other polishes so you may have to ask where they have it displayed.

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