Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sephora by OPI- Studs and Stillettos & Wet-n-Wild The Gold and the Beautiful

I had this really 'good' idea that turned out to be not so good. I thought, "lets do a gold glitter gradient over the top of a rich brown, that would be so pretty for fall"! Well in my head, it looked very different than what I ended up with.
I really liked Studs and Stilettos, it looked like a chocolate bar on my fingers. It covered nicely and almost had a cool brown tone. I don't use Sephora by OPI often because, for some reason they are more expensive then regular OPI, rarely go on sale, and do not have as good of color selection. I am really happy with this polish though, so maybe I'll try some more!

Then I went ahead and wrecked it! I don't really know why I say that because I got a ton of compliments on it; I think maybe I didn't like it because it wasn't what I expected it to look like? Well, I've had good luck with gradients in the past using Sinful Colors glitters either alone or over a base color. This glitter did not want to do that.
Wet-n-Wilds The Gold and the Beautiful is really sheer on its own but when I used it over SnS, it wanted to hide it, and be the star! The tips did end up more concentrated, but back near the cuticle, very little brown showed. The other thing that might have been an issue is SnS is a cool brown with subtle silver shimmer, and TGatB is a very warm almost bronze gold. It isn't terrible but even with no wear, I had to take it off in 2 days. Am I being crazy? Whats your opinion?

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