Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ulta- I Got the Denim Blues Collection- Denim Glitz

Ok, back to I Got the Denim Blues! Today's color is Denim Glitz. When I saw this collection for the first time I knew this would be my favorite. I always try to branch out and embrace all the colors, but its no use, I come back to my blue!

Denim Glitz is a rich royal blue, I wanna say holo micro glitter? It has a flash of pink in bright light and is very similar to an OPI DS I had put on my toes at my last pedi. (If I remember the name, I'll update this!)
I used 3 coats to give it some depth, but it covered after 2. I know my application here leaves something to be desired, I put on the final coat at my desk right before work. Time before Precision!

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