Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms- Turquoise Opal

 This is another one of those polishes that isn't around anymore:-( I'm really glad I've held onto it though, it a beauty. I loved the prism polishes, I still have a few, I was really sad when a red/gold/green duo chrome one (I forget the name) dried up and had to get tossed. Turquoise Opal is hard to describe, it looks just like the wings on a Japanese beetle. It turns from turquoise to emerald green to purple. It goes on pretty thin, I usually use 3 coats when I wear it alone. I really like it 2 coats over a black base, that really brings out the colors. This color is hard to capture, as I moved the nail and it changed, I couldn't get the rainbow spectrum on the nail, but in the different pictures you can see how it changes.

In these two pictures, my middle and pinky fingers are Turquoise Opal alone, and my ring and pointer have a black base coat. I know these are really messy but I'm working on it!

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