Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orly- Jungle Love

I bet some of you have probably never seen these Orly bottles! That is how long I've had this polish! I'm guessing maybe 1997. This color was not common at that time. I always loved it, probably because I was into the 'new-hippie-grunge' thing at the time. We all had phases, lol:-)
Anyways Jungle Love applies pretty sheer. I used 3 coats and in bright light I could still see lighter patches in some spots. Because its old it has the 'bad for you' formula that they all used to, and I almost forgot how stinky they were! I really like this color but it is not the most flattering on my skin. For some reason it makes me look almost grey, not a good look! If my tan still existed, it might look ok, so I'll probably hold off on wearing this again until next summer.

If you notice on my pointer finger there's an ugly smudge. That's happened 4 hours after painting!I have probably mentioned my issues with Orly drying time, well here is a perfect example!
I apologize for posting a color that isn't available anymore. There might be a similar color out there if you look!

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