Friday, January 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Be-Jeweled

Hi Guys, let me start off with my mini rant! I do not like it when I get used to something (that works just fine), and then someone goes and changes it! I tried logging into blogger on my phone today and it informed me that I now need Google Chrome which my phone does not support....not cool! Now I just got on my laptop and it's all different, why do they do this???? I am not happy with you blogger, google, whoever did this!!!
 Ok now that I've said my piece, I'll move on...I cant spend too long on here or I'll go crazy. I started Hunger Games last night and I can't put it down. I was annoyed that work interrupted my reading today! So with only 50 pages to go, I plan on finishing shortly. I don't know why I waited to read this, it's awesome!!!
Onto the polish...Be-Jeweled! I almost didn't get this, I was looking for Cha-Ching! since everywhere I went for Love Marilyn was out of it, I figured this would curb my need. Rite Aid had buy one get 50% off the second so I just snatched this one up. Well I'm really glad I did because it's sooo pretty!This is a lilac glitter in a clear base with a sprinkling of rose colored pink larger glitter. It makes this polish really unique. The pink is kind of holo so it reflects multiple colors in the light. This one is really packed with glitter so it doesn't take much to get full coverage. And of course since its a glitter it dries amazingly fast! It is quite thirsty for topcoat though, I used two coats the night I put it on and another the next morning. The glitter is much shinier with the extra layer.So here she is:

I threw the blurry one in so you can see the different colors the rose glitter throws off. So what do you think? I really love this one, hopefully my husband does too since he informed me my violet leopard were "not your best" lol! At least I can count on an honest opinion! So have a nice weekend guys!

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