Friday, January 27, 2012

Essence Forget Me Not & Konad m60

Hello again, and Happy Friday!!! I got the stamping bug again so my next two posts will be konads! Anywhozle... today's polish is Essence Forget Me Not. This was part of a collection called Blossoms. This is the only one I found, I actually spotted it in a display of other brands, and could not find the others anywhere in the store. My local Ulta is the only store I can find Essence in my area, and they have a less than stellar selection. It is usually empty and never has new colors:-( So I guess I should be glad I found this one, and at $1.99, I was a happy camper!
I adore this color, it is so pretty! I used two coats and it covered beautifully. It is a cream with a small amount of shimmer that isn't always apparent. It doesn't have much shine to it but since I always use topcoat, that isn't a problem.
I wanted to do something extra to this so I grabbed Konad m60, and decided on the graduated polka dots! I have a thing for polka dots:-) With this I used the recent fave Navy Baby.

Isn't Forget Me Not so pretty?!? They are one of my favorite flowers, so lovely and delicate!
 I thought this was cute, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I couldn't wear this more than a day because the dots weren't straight, but I know I am my own worse critic sometimes. I did put this on in between giving my son horsey rides around the house so if I wanted perfect, that probably wasn't the best time, lol:-)

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