Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze- Techno

Hello and Happy Friday!!! I'm feeling kinda loopy tonight, I think this last week at work has my brain on overload! Anywho.. I wanted to get this up tonight. I usually schedule my posts for the next day because I write them up late at night, but I feel the need to do this now so you can see my new pretty!
Today I have China Glaze Techno over Sally Hansen Navy Baby (I have previously called this Rimmel, it is not, oops). I had a hard time getting the 'navy' to show up, it looks black in most light. None the less, I don't care, I loooveee this:-)
Techno isn't new, it was out with a line of China Glaze glitters before, but its being released with their spring Electro-Pop collection (which I also love). It makes any color interesting, with holo micro glitter and hex sequins. In the light you can see a rainbow of colors bouncing off the sequins like little mirrors. To me it looks like the sky on a really dark night with all the stars out. This is just so damn pretty.

I used Sally Hansen double duty basecoat, then one layer of Navy Baby. Yes, I said one! This covered so well I looked at it under every light in my house to see if it truly covered, and yep! It did dry almost satin though, but I didn't worry about it since I was putting Techno over it. You can see in the picture it bubbled a bit. Blame me, I shook it:-( Oopsie! On top of this I put one coat of Techno, then one of Seche Vite. It is so glossy! Seriously pictures do it no justice...and it would look great over so many different things! If you like glitter at all, this is a must buy!

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