Monday, January 23, 2012

Essie- Fiji & China Glaze- Fairy Dust

Hello:-) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent a good amount of time Saturday happily doing laundry in my new washing machine! Yay! You don't realize how much you really need these things until something breaks! I never thought I would be so happy to be washing clothes! It's the little things sometimes:-) We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home watching football, and going to my nieces baptism. That brings me to my girly mani, in baby pink!

 This weekend I thought since we were going to Lola's baptism, Fiji would be the perfect pink:-) Fiji is a really light pastel, with a nice creamy formula. It was a little streaky on the first coat but evened out nicely on the second. It was very pretty on it's own, and I apologize for not getting pics of it by itself. But I wanted to try CG Fairy Dust, and haven't been able to make up my mind what to put it over, so this I though would be perfect. FD has is loaded with holo micro glitter suspended in a thick jelly base. It went on a little thick, but it wasn't too hard to control. It needs to be that thick to keep the shimmer evenly distributed through the polish. I liked Fiji, and I loved it with Fairy Dust. It was so pretty and not so stark as Fiji was alone.
I have to say, capturing the effect FD had was really hard! You have to trust me that this is way better in person! You know what it looks like? A shimmery little pink tutu, the kind with glitter on it!

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