Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sally Hansen- Xtreme wear- Red Carpet

Hi guys:-) Were quickly approaching the holidays, so I thought I would do as many Christmas colors as I could in the little time until then! Therefore I give you, Red carpet:-) This is a very sparkly red jelly, with tiny red glitter in there to make it glow like lights on a tree! It was another one that was hard to capture on camera, it kept coming out a lot lighter and more transparent in the pictures, when really it covered very nicely in two coats with no vnl. It dried only slightly gritty, and once a topcoat was on it was nice and smooth. I've said before I am not usually drawn to reds, but ever now and then I come around and I like this one a lot.

One of my nails decided to break before I put this on, so again they are shorter. It's ok since I prefer red on shorter nails, and I can grow them out stronger if I cut them down occasionally. This went on nice, but for some reason I have a mental block when applying reds! I never have so much clean up of stray polish as I do when i wear red! I can put on any dark color even black cleanly, but red aways looks like its been applied with a 1" paintbrush! Oh well, practice makes perfect:-)

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  1. I love this color! It's a red that's intense and sexy. I'm glad you like it too! Great swatches!