Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nicole by OPI- Glitter In My Stocking

Happy Birthday Mom! And hello readers:-)
Today I have NOPI's Glitter In My Stocking. Let me start by asking, have you ever had something that really doesn't suit you but you love it so much you wear it anyway? Well that is my problem with gold! It does not look good with my skin, except when I have a really good tan, but when do I want to wear gold? Christmas! Anyways... this is beee-u-tee-fulll!!! This is a mess of small gold glitter with a sprinkling of small red glitter in there which makes it pop even more, and sets it apart from any other gold glitter I've seen. You just have to see for yourself...

If you click on the pictures you can see the details better. You know how glitter is to photograph right?!? This was pretty packed with glitter, so it went on a little thick. It was easy to control though and covered completely in 2 coats! That is awesome for glitter, and means less chipping! It dries gritty almost like sandpaper, so you will need 2 coats of topcoat, but isn't it worth it!!! I adore this polish!!! Tomorrow I have another one from this collection, Snowman of my Dreams:-)

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