Friday, December 9, 2011

Nicloe by OPI- Snowman of my Dreams

Happy Friday guys!!! Here is my second glitter from NOPI's winter collection. I can never get enough glitter, and this might be dare I say it... My Favorite!!!! Oh how I love this polish!! The glitter in this is not as dense as GIMS from Wednesday. This is a clear base, the main color is obviously blue, but there is gold, pink, silver, green and, orange in there as well. I used three coats and two of Seche Vite to get it smooth. On my last post I mentioned that gold was not my color, well blue definitely is! This is icy cool blue glitter goodness!!! See for yourself...

I left the dark one in there so you can see how it glows even in the lowest light! Isn't this amazing:-) If you can still find it, I suggest snatching it up! Actually snatch up all four:-)


  1. This is my favorite one from the collection too! I love the name as well... "snowman of my dreams" makes me so happy lol.

  2. These glitters were so easy to work with, the colors were great, and I agree the name is adorable! I need to hunt down the other two colors, esp My Sleighs In The Shop:-)