Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Glaze- Fireside Glow

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a good week! I'm excited, I have Monday, Thursday, and Friday off next week! That's a good thing since as of today, I only have one present bought! So there will be a lot of last minute shopping going on! As for this weekend, tonight is my family's annual Christmas party, and tomorrow were going with my husband's family for Champagne Brunch:-) So a very fun, and very busy week is ahead!
Today I have for you a polish I scored last weekend as I was wandering through Ulta. It's China Glaze- Fireside Glow. This is an exclusive addition to their holiday Let it Snow collection, available only at Ulta.
There are two exclusive polishes, the other is Ultamate Holiday, a gold with holo glitter, and this one, a rose gold. I didn't pick up Ultamate Holiday and I am kind of regretting it, but sometimes a girl just has to set limits! Right? Anyways... I wore this and couldn't get pictures that did it justice, and I ended up sort of patching it up before taking these. Soooo, I apologize for the sub-par state of the application!
This one is a beauty and I took a ton of pictures. The ones I posted are all in different light conditions so that you can see the way it changes. It really came to life in low light conditions.


Fireside Glow is a very pretty rose gold, with a smattering of holo glitter pieces. It manages to be both neutral and sparkly at the same time.
FG applied very nicely, it only needed two coats to be opaque. It is a hungry glitter though! I used two coats Seche Vite and it was still not 100% smooth. I do recommend using at least that though, not just because of the texture, but because the glitter tends to look matte on its own.
If you are interested in seeing the other color, Ultamate Holiday, The TraceFace Philes has fabulous pictures! Here's a link:
Today I'm going to put on something else for me party tonight...Hmmmm...???

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