Saturday, December 3, 2011

Orly Rococo a go go

Hello, I apologize for disappearing again! It seems like I haven't sat down in weeks.How has everyone been? We have been gearing up for the holidays and getting in on the hustle and bustle. I guess I've been slacking a little on my duties as a blogger! My nails have not gone unpolished but I haven't really had time to sit down at my computer and get anything on here.
Today I have Orly's Rococo a go go, this is from their Mineral Fx collection. This color was a b!*#h to capture on camera! I cannot tell you how many pictures I took to try and show you its true color. Finally I got some where you can get the general idea, but they still do not come close to doing it justice. This is a wine colored polish that flashes gold and orange, kind of like it has glowing embers inside. You might be able to see it in the pictures if you click them to enlarge. This went on pretty thin, I was surprised at that, but it built up nicely. It almost looked like it had some tiny black particles in it and on the first coat the base looked grayish. It definitely was not a fast drying polish either, but once it was on, built up, and dried, wow:-)
I wore this on thanksgiving and the one thing i noticed, it did not wear well. My tips were noticeably wearing bare by the end of the day, and I wasn't doing any cooking or cleaning!
I guess my feelings on this one are mixed. On one hand its gorgeous.On the other, several coats, slow to dry, not well wearing, and combine that with the higher price tag of the Mineral Fx ($10 I think). You be the judge and see what you think.


  1. Gorgeous! Look like Pinky Brown from Models Own Beetlejuice collection! Nice swatches!

  2. Thanks, I think it's so much better in person too! I haven't seen Pinky Brown in person but they do look a lot alike. That collection is awesome, I love Aqua Violet and Purple Blue:-)