Monday, December 5, 2011

Chanel- Khaki Rose

Welcome back:-) You might notice my nails have been filed down, I had some breakage after some hardcore decorating! It's probably good though, it's always really dry here in the winter and they will hold up better at a shorter length.
Today I bring you Khaki Rose from Chanel. It was released with Khaki Vert, and Khaki Brun (military green and brown). I have been trying to figure out where the rose comes in, so far no luck but that doesn't change that I really like this color! This was two coats for total perfection, of coverage and glossiness! I have always heard that Chanel polishes chip, but I wore this 4 days without any. This formula was superb, it went right where i put it, self leveled and looked amazing.

You can see how shiny Khaki Rose is here. I turned the bottle sideways in the second photo, because my camera kept focusing on the writing, and blurring out my fingers.This is kind of a medium muddy brown. Perfect for those who love browns but don't like to go very dark. This color is well balance, and should look good on warm or cool skin tones.

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