Friday, December 23, 2011

Chanel Dragon- fishnet style (Konad m57)

Hi guys:-) I was kind of torn on whether or not I should post this, but it gave me such trouble, that I would have felt like I wasted way too much time if I didn't!
I will start by saying the formula on Chanel dragon is possibly the most perfect one I have ever had the pleasure of using! I used a Sally Hansen base coat, then one coat of Dragon. It covered completely, did not streak, was super shiny, and didn't take forever to dry! I loooove this polish!!! I know Chanel is expensive, but for a beautiful red that will never go out of style, this is worth every penny!
Ok, after I had such a pleasant experience applying Dragon, I ruined everything:-(  Well not exactly... but here, I'll explain. I initially had planned on using the lace strip for my tips. I chose an old Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome color that I have in the stash, Petal Crystal. It didn't translate pink except in certain lights, most of the time it just looked silver. Anyways it kept drying before i could line up the pattern on the stamp and was pulling off the nail. So I ended up repainting Dragon on 3 nails after I had to take off the stamp, thus ruining the base. So... onto a new pattern- fishnet. This one worked really well until I got to my right thumb and middle finger. I completely missed squaring up the pattern on the nail. So again remove, reapply, wait... third time is the charm right? Well again I miscalculated... this time I said " it is what it is" and decided as soon as it dried and I got pictures I was going to get it off my fingers!
So it's not the result that I resent its the PITA that it took to get there! So, I feel like I'm doing a lot of complaining here, Sorry! Honestly this was the first difficulty that I've had with stamping. I knew it would happen, being new and all, I just wish it wasn't over such a perfect polish! Part of the reason for doing this blog is to keep a log of my learning curve and bumps along the way:-)I do promise though to show you Dragon again in all it's glory! So now that you know the back story...

Btw, the smudging on the thumb is the result of my impatience to apply topcoat, hehehe:-/

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