Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas flowers with Konad m20

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you who celebrate:-)  I am so excited, this is the first year my husband  has had off Christmas Eve since we have been together! Because it's on Saturday (plus we both have Monday off), we get to spend the next three days together with our families!!! Yay, that's my favorite part of the holiday's:-) Now if we could only get some snow...
Anyways I'm much happier with today's post than my last one! I really like the way this one turned out. I used Sinful Colors white as a base with Maybelline #1 (again, i cannot find a name) over the top to make it pearly. Then at a diagonal I used Sally Hansen Disco Ball which is a clear milky base with small iridescent glitter, on the top portion of my nail. Where the diagonal line was I stamped a strip of flowers from Konad plate m20, using my beloved Chanel Dragon. I seriously am in love with that polish, so beware it's not going away, hahaha!

Now I am not saying that this is perfect, the flowers on my ring finger are more up and down than angled, but that's being a little picky. I just really like it. I think the white is refreshing after so many dark colors and heavy glitters of late.

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