Sunday, December 11, 2011

Konad m20 nail art- Snowflakes!

Yay, I am so excited today! I have seen stamping before on other sites and had to give it a try. I ordered plates m57, m20 and m60 from , and also got the original Konad stamper and scraper. I decided for my first attempt at stamping I would try something Christmasy, so we have snowflakes! I am so excited that these came out cute, I had no idea how hard or easy this would be to execute. I am happy to report, not too bad! The full nail stamps might be a different story, but we'll see soon enough!
So I started with a base coat and two coats of Sinful Colors Midnight Blue on every finger except my ring finger where I used one coat Sinful Colors Snow Me White followed by a coat of Maybelline express finish polish in #1 (? I cant find a name on the bottle, but its a pearly white shimmer). Then for my snowflakes I used Sally Hansen Celeb City (silver foil) on each finger and the same sinful blue and white I had used for base colors reversed as snowflakes. The silver didn't show up as well as I would have liked on the white but other than that this is pretty much exactly what I wanted. I have always liked this blue very much, it covers nicely and is a great color. The white I don't usually wear alone unless I use an effect topcoat like glitter or shimmer as I did here, but it also covers nicely in two coats. This Maybelline color is pretty but very sheer so it works best over other polishes.

 For the stamping I brushed a small amount of polish onto the design, swiped off the excess using the scraper, pressed the stamper onto the design then pressed it onto my nail. Pretty simple:-) In between every 3 or so snowflakes I cleaned the plate using a cottonball with remover so that the polish wouldnt dry in the design. I also wiped the scraper on the cotton ball or a piece of paper towel I had under my area. You cannot do the stamping until your base is completely dry or it will ruin your base color. The designs you stamp will dry quickly but you have to make sure they ar also completely dry before sealing them with topcoat, or they may smear.
So how do you like? I am completely addicted so you can expect to see a barrage of stamping manicures in the near future!

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  1. wow this is so amazing! - i love the colours you chose!

    I'm defiantly a new follower


    And P.S once you start stamping - you cant stop - Dont say i didn't warn you x