Thursday, February 2, 2012

Orly- Cotton Candy

Hello guys!!! Before I get started I want to thank you for taking the time to read my posts! I started doing this because it's a lot of fun and a way for me to kind of keep track of my stash and justify buying so much polish! I work full time and have two year old son, so this is something i do when I can sneak in some me time here and there. I am learning so much, and having a really great time! It makes me feel really good that you enjoy my posts and I appreciate each one of you! So thanks:-) I had to get that out, lol:-)
So as for polish... I have some new collections on their way, but in the mean time I have today's post then I'm going to do Anchors Away from CG 2011spring collection. I just got 8 of them and since they are spring, why not. Especially since they still seem to be readily available. But, for today...Orly Cotton Candy...

I found this at Sallys in the 'I Heart Nails' collection for Valentines Day. To be honest I have no idea if this is a color in their collection or a special release. It is a light pink creme leaning salmon-ish. It was kind of like a creme jelly hybrid, crelly if you will:-) I wasn't happy with it on me until the third coat. I was easy enough to control, but I saw some patchiness near my cuticles, i think from the brush dragging. It dried really nice and shiny. I love this type of color, its light and springy without being really pastel. I wore it plain for a day, then decided to add some gold flowers from Konad m57. For the stamping I used Orly Luxe.
This last picture shows how the color looked in most low light situations.
I liked this until I started thinking it looked like curtians that would have been on the Golden Girls or something...I couldn't shake that image so it had to go!


  1. LOL @ golden girls curtains. This is so delicate & pretty though!

  2. lmao at the golden girls comment :) & I'm glad you blog! I have a young daughter too, & its nice to have something to do for me, for once, haha. This mani is so lovely & delicate!