Friday, February 10, 2012

China Glaze- Dance Baby!

Hello and Happy Friday! I thought it was never going to get here! I am due for a little wine and a lot of R&R! So bring on the weekend!!!
Ok, so I was going to finish showing my Anchors Away colors (I have 3 left), but I cant wait to show my new ones!I got the Electro-Pop colors, and decided Valentines Day was a good excuse for a girly pink mani:-) My husband told me this reminded him of Barbie, then he said that's a good thing, hahaha! I'm not sure I get where he's going with that... Anyway..I am loving this collection! Such fun colors to break out of the winter doldrums! I have been feeling like spring so much lately I keep putting on outfits for work, that will be perfect in like April, but right now I just walk outside and freeze! So for now at least I can throw some color on my hands and try to keep the rest of me warm:-)

So for this I used 2 coats of Dance Baby then brushed on a really sparse coat of Sally Hansen Strobelight. Then I brushed on a little more starting a little farther up, and again. That gave the gradient without sponging. I currently am in love with this:-) The pink in dance baby is not pastel, not bright, its just perfect. It has a real blue lean to it, so it works well with my 'winter skin'. It went on a ted streaky. It would have been opaque with two coats if I was a little more careful, but I needed three to even it out. Overall I like it though!
I have no idea what to do next and if I did, I would probably change my mind before then anyways so I'll roll with it...and I hope you all have a nice weekend ^_^

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