Tuesday, February 7, 2012

China Glaze Sea Spray & White Cap

Happy Tuesday! Not much going on today, so I'll get right to it! When I first put Sea Spray on, I realized the pictures I got were terrible, and I decided to swatch it all over. I was taking pics the second time and I still wasn't loving the color, which is probably why I wasn't loving the pictures! As I was snapping away I saw White Cap, and well one thing led to another and... lets just say thank god for White Cap! Alone I really don't like SS. It's a frosty cream pastel grey-blue. The problem for me is the finish, i would like this if it were a plain creme, but I don't like the the frosty-shimmery yuckiness. (That's my technical terminology!) So as I was thinking how much I hate this color, I figured I'd give WC a shot on top. Besided I wanted to show it over some of the colors in the collection anyway. WC completely transformed SS into something I not only tolerated but loved! Yay! I liked the combo so much I ended up with quite a few photos, so have a looksee...

I kind of want to put White Cap on everything right now! Isn't she lovely? Wc is a sheer milky white base with gold shimmer. I don't think you could get it opaque on its own, but as a topcoat it really shines!
I threw in a plain SS pic, so you can see the before shot in this makeover:-)


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