Sunday, February 12, 2012

China Glaze- Sweet Hook & Techno

Hi Guys! I hope you are all having wonderful weekends! We are here, they just go so fast! We got a little snow here last night, but its 10 degrees outside, so we will not be going out to play! Instead I think we will make some valentines with my son:-)
So today, I have Sweet Hook from the Electro Pop Collection. I really love this, its so sweet!

This is two coats of SH, then one of Techno, no topcoat. It went on smooth and squishy:-) Not streaky like light colors can be sometimes. Dry time was fairly quick on this too. SH was a creme jelly hybrid, like OPI sorbets. I like this is pretty for Valentines Day without being too obvious. Somehow the lilac isn't make my hands look like lobster fingers either, that's a plus! Sorry about the shiny cuticles, i may have one a little crazy with the oil:-) So far I really like this collection, I cannot comment on the formula as a whole yet but I love them already!!! So enjoy your Sunday and stay warm!


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  2. Gorgeous mani! I love the colors!