Saturday, March 24, 2012

China Glaze- Lighthouse

Happy weekend all! I had this one left over from the Anchors away collection,this is Lighthouse. If I'm being honest, this color does absolutely nothing for me.This is a sheer yellow loaded with gold glass fleck. I wasn't sure how opaque this would be, but this is three coats and it has a long way to go. This one might be another one that looks good layered, but I haven't tried that yet.I was procrastinating on posting this because I really don't like putting up colors that I'm not crazy about, but it is a pretty color, just not so much on me... 

I'm sure you've spotted the smudge on my pointer finger...I accidentally stuck it to my middle finger...oops! I wasn't planning on wearing it, so I didn't take the time to redo it all.
The verdict is still out on this, I need to figure out something to layer it with, because alone it looks terrible on me, but I feel like it has potential. Also I really am not a fan of VNL, so hmmmmm. Any suggestions for combinations or other ways to wear this???


  1. I love this color! Sadly it looks awful on my skin, but i do still enjoy it anyway.. lol. Have noo ideas on what to layer it over!

  2. Hmm, hadn't seen this one swatched before which is why I clicked on this post. It's a nice color but one that I don't think would work on my skin tone. I honestly can't spot the smudge and am *looking* for it, LOL. As for reusing it, my immediate thought was to use it as a base for a fire based manicure, with orange and red sponged on top.

  3. The sponging is a great idea, something I should try!