Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Week! China Glaze- Starboard

Hi everybody! Sorry I disappeared again, this last week has been nuts! I started out with a pretty nasty cold, then passed it to my husband and son:-( So mommy has been playing nurse this week. I decided to try and  make up for it with a week of green for St Patrick's Day. I have 6 different greens lined up with little twists here and there. My husband comes from a big Irish family that takes St. Patty's Day beyond wearing green and drinking green beer. It's Sheppard's Pie, Irish Cream cake, a big parade, and Leprechaun Coins that lead to treasure when the kids wake up, (as well as green beer)! It's just a lot of fun, and a good excuse to all get together.
To get started I have what might be my favorite true green. Starboard. This is another polish from the Anchors Away Collection last year. It is a gorgeous shiny emerald green jelly.

This went on really nice, was opaque in two coats. I couldn't believe how shiny it was. These pictures are without topcoat. I know my nails are in rough shape. I had the corners break off at various points this week while rushing around the house. I'll keep filing them down until they are uniform, but for now they will look a little weird, sorry:-(

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