Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sinful Colors- Cinderella

Hi guys! Yay Saturday! So today I try to leave the couch as little as possible, while my wonderful husband nurses me back to health! I don't get sick that often and I still went to work like a good grown-up, so I deserve one day to whine and be a baby! I sound pretty whiny already, don't I!?!?
Anywhozzle, I saw Sinful had a few new colors out so when Walgreen's had them for $.99 last week, I grabbed Cinderella and Kissy. I like Sinful but I hardly ever look since their displays are usual re promotes of existing shades. I think right now there are like about 7 new colors out (don't quote me on that).
So this is Cinderella, and it couldn't have a better name! This is exactly like the dress she wore to the ball! And you know how tulle has the iridescent shimmer, well this has metallic and pink (yes pink!!) shimmer packed in there! Soooo pretty:-)

Ok, so my camera didn't want you to see the fabulous pink:-(  It is there and it is pretty. I must be honest though, the formula on this was not so nice. It was kind of thick and runny all at the same time. I needed three coats which was fine, but usually by coat 3, the polish sticks to the previous coat and behaves. This ran down all around my cuticles and needed pretty significant clean up. I don't mid, I think the end result was worth a little effort. Besides for the price who can complain! I just wanted you guys to know that this one is a little moody!


  1. I really need to wear mine soon. It is so pretty. I also scored mine for 99 cents!

  2. I've heard mixed reviews about the formula of this polish, though I have to say the color is amazing. I've never really seen anything quite like it!