Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Week! Orly- Here Comes Trouble!

Good-morning and happy St. Patrick's Day! I am getting ready to meet my family for some breakfast and head down to the parade:-) I'm so happy it's nice out today, the last two years have been cold and rainy and I haven't been able to bring my son. We got our green gear on and were ready to roll! After that it's off to my husband's family's for some good old Irish fare. I cant wait to eat my mother in law's Guinness stew and corned beef today... Yum!!
So this color screamed St. Paddy's Day to me, it's bright cheery grass green, and oh so sparkly:-)

I started out with three coats, then a coat of SV, but today when I was looking at it close, I decided it needed another layer. So this is four coats HCT, and two layers topcoat. It will undoubtedly chip before the weekend is over but I don't care, I adore this! Green is my favorite (?) color and this one is gorgeous:-) (my favorite color changes a lot! usually between blue and green though) Anywho, this last shot is in front of a halogen light, if you click it you can see there is some variation to the glitter in there. 
So I hope everyone has a great day and stays safe!


  1. wtf, I wish we had a parade around here... and this orly is gorgeous! don't think i've ever seen it before

  2. This is one of my favorite green glitters ever, I did it in my St. Patty's Day mani too =)