Friday, March 23, 2012

Post 100! Nina Ultra Pro- Purple-Xing

Hi guys! I hope every one's week good, TGIF though for sure! I plan on doing some swatching on Sunday while it's supposed to rain outside! It's been so nice here, I haven't been able to stay inside and sit still to get anything posted! Every spring I get a little stir crazy and that has been the case here:-)
So for post 100 (yay!), I have Purple-Xing, by Nina Ultra Pro. I saw Nina's at Sally's and hadn't tried the brand before so I figured this lovely purple glitter would be a great place to start! The one thing I have to ask is- Purple you are beautiful, why are you so camera shy? I have never taken so many pictures of a polish before, trying to get the color to come out accurate. I mean duochromes you have to play with a little to get the shift, but this was just so far off... I did manage to get some though, so here we are:

This was nearly a one coater, it covered great. It was really thick though. It seemed like it was getting thicker as I used it. Purple-xing is a rich velvety blue toned purple with loads of purple glitter with some small silver glitter and slightly larger and fewer pieces of holo glitter. This one is gritty folks! It ate three coats of topcoat. It did end up smooth although the camera shows it bumpy for some reason. I really like the way this looks on my nails and for glitter (which tends to chip quickly on me), this wears like iron! I have had this on 3 days, yes three whole days, and no chipping! Its almost hard to take off a polish this pretty when there's no sign of wear- almost...So what do you think? Have you used this brand? any color recommendations?

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  1. Congrats on your 100th post! What a gorgeous purple! I haven't tried any from this brand yet but I'm always tempted to pick a few up whenever I visit Sally's =)