Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mermaid Mani with Sinful Colors- Kissy

So remember that "I'm going to be lazy this weekend" thing. Well... not so much. I spent all Saturday morning cleaning, then had family visit, and Sunday will being spent at a camping show. So much for the relaxing! In all honesty, I can't complain because today (I'm writing this up sat night) was fun, and I'm sure tomorrow will be too! I still need to get over this cold though, it sucks.
So today I have the other new color I picked up from Sinful Colors, Kissy. This is said to be a dupe for Zoya Charla, which I really liked but never got my hands on. Judging from pics, it is close enough for me, but I'm sure Zoya's formula wins out on this one. I decided to turn this into some mermaid nails layering two Sinful Colors glitters (Call u Later & Nail Junkie) along with Sally Hansen- Set the Stage. I used two coats of Kissy, one of CuL, one of StS, and one of NJ just on the top half of the nail. All this combined for a fabulous glittery mess that reminds me of mermaids!

I really liked this combination, we will see how much shrinkage I have at the tips here tomorrow morning. That seems to be a problem I have with this many layers, even when I wrap the tips.
Kissy was ok, I used two coats. If I were to wear this alone, I would need three for sure. It was thick and runny at the same time. I put it on and it migrated to my cuticles. I am not the happiest camper when that happens! (Haha, get it...I am at the camping show today! Sorry, I am a nerd, I know!) Anyway, I liked it a lot but rather than do an extra coat of Kissy, I opted to do this instead.
In case you want to see Kissy alone, here she is.


  1. this looks awesome! i <3 nail junkie

  2. Hey, I gave you a Versatile blogger award :) Love this manicure- Nail Junkie is such an awesome polish.

  3. Gorgeous!!! This is fantastic!!!