Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ladybug Nails, with Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

Ahhhhh, Halloween...I never learn! It always sounds so fun to get dressed up and go out,and don't get me wrong I do have fun, but where I live it sometimes snows on Halloween and my costume choices are never really 'season- appropriate'. This year I thought it all out, get something cute but not slutty, something fun but still kind of comfy... yeeaaa... Well as usual I waited till the day of the weekend of Halloween to head of to the costume stores that popped everywhere, and surprise! Nuthin! So I wandered around and found some cute ladybug wings, some red and black polka dot tights and some antennae! Ta Da...ladybug!
So what completes any good ensemble? Cute nails, right!

This is 2 medium coats of Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby. It is a red jelly that is really nice albeit sheer. I used a dotting tool (my first time!) to add my little buggy dots:-) Considering that I did this moments before we left,I am pretty pleased! Also, what looks like the sloppy mess around my cuticles wasn't really visible in real life!

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