Monday, November 14, 2011

Essie- Cocktail Bling Preview

Hello! Sorry about being gone the last few days, you know how people get in spring? Wanting to get all the cleaning and house stuff done, well I'm that way in the fall. I guess I'm preparing for Upstate New York's wicked winter! I have been cleaning, rearranging, purging, and going insane! Once I start, I cant stop until I feel like I've accomplished something.I think its timer to sit down and take a break, for the moment!I do have some new swatches for you, I'm getting the pictures together and they will be ready starting tomorrow!

These are the press pictures Essie released from their winter collection. I haven't seen them in stores yet but I've seen some pictures from pros that get early samples. Its a very subdued and sophisticated collection. Not as fun as the barrage of glitter headed our way, but maybe that's the point. It might be a nice break!

bobbing for baubles
a deepest darkest sapphire

size matters
a blazing hot ruby red

bangle jangle
a lavender amethyst

school of hard rocks
a midnight malachite

cocktail bling
a precious pale gray jewel

brooch the subject
a creamy cashmere cameo

So, what do you think?


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