Friday, November 4, 2011

Orly- Nite Owl

If you had seen the state of my nails post ladybug, you would be afraid! I decided to take a day and moisturize, file, do something about them cuticles! Well Rome was not built in a day right! I am pleased with how they came out and decided to do something neutral. I didn't originally get this when I got Fowl Play, but went back, and I'm so glad I did. In the bottle it is very beige but against my skin its a little more taupe. I am that pale I make beige look dark! This is a very office appropriate shade but its still really fun! I used 3 really thin coats here and 2 Seche Vite although I really only needed one. I decided to do another to wrap the tips and see if that extended the wear time.

I really like this color. The drying issues that sometimes come with the Orly formula were absent. This glided on beautifully, and dried in a jiffy!
I have Butter London's All Hail The Queen, on my wish list anyone know if this is similar? I think AHTQ might be a little warmer toned, but that's just from pictures.

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