Friday, November 18, 2011

Water Marble attempt!

Well folks, this blog is as much a learning process for me as it is fun. So not everything is going to be pretty! I tried a water marble once before and it was no better or worse than this, I think it is one of those things that probably get better with practice. From a distance, or if you just glance they actually turned out kinda pretty, but a closer look, (especially when you take close up pictures) reveals quite a mess! Lets have a look, shall we?

For the colors, I used: Rimmel- Navy Baby, Orly- Lucky Duck, and Sally Hansen Xtreme wear- Celeb City. I copied what the tutorials said, room temperature water, drop colors one at a time into center of each other, pull from center out to create design then dip! I used the tape method to protect my fingers and minimize clean up.I did these late at night in a dark room with the light of the television, then took the pictures first thing the following morning, and my clean up isn't what it could be, so be gentle:-) Also you will notice I got pictures of my never before seen right hand! I like the swirls on that one better, so I figured I'd show you. So that's that, next time I might try using all cremes because I think they look nicer (I'll actually do a better job of cleaning up my fingers first too)!

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  1. Love it! Great color combo, I haven't tried marbling yet!