Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OPI- Warm & Fozzie

Hi guys:-) Miss me? Well I'm back with some swatches. I have here another polish from the Muppets Collection,Warm & Fozzie. First off, how cute is this name!?!? I decided to buy this polish before I even saw it based on the name alone.

I love this in the bottle and I actually love it in the pictures too, for some reason in real life it washed out my skin something terrible.
 Its a really pretty medium brown with sometimes mauvey, sometimes brassy foil/glitter. I know that might be the worst explanation ever, but for some reason this color is super hard to describe! When it looks mauve-brown, I love it, when the brassiness comes out, I hate it. I think it's beacuse of my very pink skin, the tone just dosent work. I got these pictures at home, but the sun happened to be on strike that day so these are all inside. They really only show the polish when its the color I like, at my office under the flourescent lights was when the ugly came out.
Nonetheless it went on nicely; a tad thin, so this is three coats. For some reason, removal of this gave me fits!For all my complaining though, this is a beautiful color. On warmer skintones it would be faboulous!

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