Thursday, September 29, 2011

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

So I saw this and decided it was too pretty to pass up. Sunshine Sparkle is a buttery yellow with subtle silver shimmer, which makes it ok on my cool toned skin. It almost looked like a 'dusty yellow' if there is such a thing. I think I would have loved this color if I had worn it when I bought it this past spring....But right now, I'm not sure I want to wear pastel colors. It really was a very fun 'springy' color, kind of reminds me of a marshmallow, but yellow, if that makes any sense!
The formula on this though, is what I think people are talking about when they say yellow polishes have problems!!! It took three coats before I didn't see major streaks. I wasn't sure if the lines and patches were ever going away... The polish wasn't runny or thick, in fact it went on pretty smooth, but holy streaks!! I can say though that with the four coats I used, they dried nice, and since I applied really thin coats, It wore really well, no chipping and I had it on 5 days.
The color did look different in low or bright light. It was very pastel in bright light and very mellow and buttery in lower. I think most of the time it looked more like in the second picture though.

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