Tuesday, September 27, 2011

China Glaze, Metro collection- Downtown, Skyscraper

I got this little number as a gift along with Midtown Magic (which I'll show tomorrow), and I fell in love. I actually had on Pinata Yada Yada when I got this and as much as I loved that, had to take it off to put this one on immediately!
Skyscraper is a denim blue jelly packed with tiny silver glitter and I think I see some blue glitter in there as well. Its gorgeous. Mine went on a little thick, but it was workable. I only needed 2 coats, and a top coat. It wasn't as bumpy as you would expect with this amount of glitter. Taking it off was another story altogether but sooooo worth it. It wore really well considering thick coats and glitter have a tendency to peel.
This color was so beautiful on, I know I have a thing for blue but this is why! I might have to wear it again soon:-)

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