Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, with Piñata Yada Yada!

Hi, so last week was my Birthday (YAY), and although I do not own Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, I do have Ulta's supposed dupe, Piñata yada yada. Therefore I decided a (faux) happy birthday manicure was called for. This polish is so fun I cant stand it... it really is a glitter party in a bottle! I wore this once before on its own and you can get it opaque if you put in a little work and have a lot of patience:-) This time however, I used 2 thin coats over Sinful's black polish.
Piañta yada yada is a rainbow of glitter in a clear base. there are smaller square glitter and larger hex glitter. The best way i have found to apply this is to slap it on (it goes on fairly thick) and play with it as little as possible. The more times you brush oDver it, the more the glitter pulls toward the tips. You really have to wait until the coats are pretty dry before you apply the next or you may pull up some of the glitter. It dries really shiny and surprisingly smooth for a glitter like this.
I love this polish!!!! I tried to capture the awesomeness of this but apparently my camera hates glitter:-( The first picture almost does it justice, the second is obviously blurry but it shows the rainbow-sparkle!
 I keep thinking of what I can pair PYY with next... hmmm....

I really wish I had gotten better pictures than these (I'm new at this)! Next time I wear this, I will try again.

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