Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sally Hansen- Nail Prisms- Purple Diamond

Hi Guys, I'm writing this up while I should be doing extra studying for another test... priorities right? Gotta fit some me time in here and there...Anyways, I apologize in advance because this is not a polish that is readily available anymore. I'm sure you could find it on ebay or somewhere, but this is an oldie. I actually found a bag of these a few (8?) years ago, at a store called Christmas Tree Shop. The had a bin with these clear plastic makeup cases each filled with about 8 Sally Hansen polishes. They were sealed shut and you couldn't really tell what polishes were inside so, I grabbed two mystery bags and here I have one of them. This is Purple Diamond (beware picture heavy!!)

Here is how it looked when I tried to get it inside my lightbox, the holo disappeared:

And here are some blurry ones so that you can see the sparkles:

Isnt this pretty! Its a light silvery-lavender holo, that just shines! If I thought it was hard to capture purple or glitter, that was cake compared to holo! You would not believe how many pictures I had to take to get it narrowed down to this! If you think I am complaining, I am not I would have taken twice this for this polish. This is two coats PD with a topcoat of SV then another coat of PD because I thought the topcoat kind of killed the rainbow effect. This is pretty watery in consistency and the first coat leaves some patchiness, but it fills in nicely. For a while holo polishes like this were hard to find, but more and more polishes brands are releasing them again. Yay for that!

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