Sunday, May 13, 2012

Zoya- Rory

Hi Guys! Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mommies out there! I am spending the beautiful day with my family, and it couldnt be more perfect! I hope you are all having a great weekend!!! So if your a polish addict, chances are you have bought a polish strictly because of the name. I am guilty of this on a number of occasions, and this is another. I know most of your minds will go straight to Gilmore Girls when they hear Rory, but Rory is my step dad. When Zoya released their summer collection, I instantly liked a few of them and this one was a fringe one for me. Sometimes I have to go for the fringe ones or else I would never try anything different, so that is how I ended up getting Rory. I was lucky enough to catch Zoya's Earth Day Sale (half off!) and 6 new polishes came to live with me:-) I really hope they do this sale every year, because I am already planning for 2013!
So here we go...

I really like this color with my skin tone, until a girl I work with said "hmmm, mauve?" What does she know anyway! Now when I see it, all I see is grandmas mauve polish. Not cool! I really liked this, so I am not happy about that turn of events.
Rory was a 2 coater, easy and smooth. This is shown with a topcoat. She is a lavender leaning pink with silver shimmer. Very cool toned, and almost icy. So what is your opinion, mauve or not?

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  1. Definitely not mauve. :) It's a really cool pink, a mix between hot pink and a rosy color, but I know I would not call this mauve.