Friday, May 18, 2012

Zoya -Kimber

Hi Guys! How is everyone doing? I have exciting news...I got a promotion at work! Yay!!! I really wanted this position but wasn't getting my hopes up just in case... I start next Thursday and am already planning my nails:-) Anyways back to the I have another new Zoya polish, Kimber. I love this color, its a bright warm pink with pink and gold glass fleck. A rich saturated color that screams summer:-)

This is two coats, the formula was pretty much perfect. I have it shown here with topcoat. This reminds me very much of a slightly darker China Glaze Strawberry Fields. I'll post a comparison soon! My poor nails had to be filed down, my middle fingernail broke so short! Hopefully my nails will grow fast...I don't want talons, but these nubbins are a little short for my taste!

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