Saturday, May 12, 2012

Color Club, Otherworldly

Hi guys! It's been a while, you miss me? My nails have been chopped due to cleaning, playing, parties, and bonfires! All of those can also explain my absence of late! Also my computer has been a little 'sick', and I haven't been able to post anything, so the combination has left me feeling a little guilty. I recently got some nail mail, I am very excited to get working on, but I couldn't resist wearing this one! I luuuuve this polish! Its blue, its neon, and its glitter. What's not to love right?!?!
Anyways this is Color Club Otherworldly, part of last summers collection. This is the only one I grabbed, and although I could kick myself for not getting any of the others, if I had to have one, this would be it! I've been waiting all winter and spring to wear this, and its time.

This is two coats that go on really nice. No clumping of glitter, not to sheer that you need a ton of coats, this was a pleasure. It dries to a satin finish that looks cool, but I prefer it with topcoat. Here's a picture before SV. See how it has a satin finish.

Well I will try and resolve my computer issues, it is wayyy to much of a pain to post from my phone, especially getting my pictures onto my phone. I'm sure a more tech savvy person wouldn't have any issues, but I am not that person. I try... I do have some fun colors coming up though so stay tuned:-)


  1. this is fabulous! sending healing vibes to your compy, lol

  2. so jealous! i'm in love with this polish. hope your computer 'feels better' :P